2 Migraine Auras In A Row? [Why and How]

Wondering why you or a loved one get two migraine auras in a row? It’s a good question.

It can be alarming when you experience one aura, let alone two or even more!

Fortunately, multiple auras don’t mean you are in danger. In general, migraines and auras are not dangerous even though they are very unpleasant — I know, I get them too.

Lines and dots of light obscuring vision – a migraine aura picture.

What Causes Migraine Aura?

Medical professionals are not entirely certain what causes aura. Still, they think it is a wave of chemical or electrical activity in the brain triggered by a shift in the nervous system.

If the wave passes over the visual cortex — this is most common — then the flashing lights and moving zigzag patterns will occur.

If it passes through another part of the brain, then corresponding effects, like numbness or difficulty speaking, will occur.

It’s all theory and hypothesis at this point, though.

However, once doctors and scientists know what causes migraines, prevention will likely get much more manageable.

Ocular and Retinal Migraines

You might wonder if these two types of migraines have anything to do with having auras in quick succession.


This type of migraine is simply a migraine with aura. The term “ocular migraine” has gone out of use with doctors and nurses and is now called migraine with aura.


This type of migraine is quite rare and has somewhat more serious effects on vision. Temporary blindness or visual shifts in just one eye characterize this type of attack. 

As such, it is easy to know if you are having a retinal migraine rather than a regular migraine with aura, since regular aura occurs in both eyes.

Unless you have strange aura-like phenomena occuring in one eye only you needn’t worry about having two auras in succession.

Retinal migraines are not actually migraines but a possible sign of a more serious condition.

So if you ask if a migraine without aura is dangerous, the answer is yes, if the visual disturbance is in one eye only.

Can You Reduce The Number of Migraine Auras You Have?

Yes, you can! There are natural ways to reduce your auras and also medicines that can help.


If you are experiencing a sudden increase in migraines with aura, it could be that you have a new trigger that you still need to identify.

Consider whether you are eating new foods that may cause a reaction. Or you may be visiting new environments with pollutants or toxins you are sensitive to.

You have to be your own detective when you are a migraineur!

Could it be that changes in the weather are affecting you like they didn’t before? Or, maybe, your sex life has become more active — that can also prompt more headaches.


It is essential to talk to a doctor if you want to use pharmaceuticals to control aura incidents. 

A doctor will know what medication you can use. The doctor will also know if that medication conflicts with any medication you are already taking.

Specifically, you want to ask about medicines that prevent migraine as such medicine will also most likely prevent aura from occurring.

By the way, I personally have found that meditation can help with migraines.

Some migraine prevention drugs include:

  • flunarizine (Sibelium) – some say taking for 3 months stopped migraine aura for years – not available in the US.
  • divalproex sodium
  • frovatriptan – some say it prevents migraines, others say it only treats migraines that are underway
  • metoprolol
  • propranolol
  • timolol
  • topiramate
  • atogepant
  • rimegepant – for both treatment and prevention

Keep in mind that new drugs are being discovered all the time, but so far none of them cure aura or migraine 100%.

There are so many possible triggers for migraine. That being the case it may be possible that the reason multiple auras occur is due to also having multiple triggers in succession.

Of course this is pure conjecture on my part — a migraine sufferer who has thought about it carefully 🙂

In Summary

Migraines continue to be a difficult problem to solve for the medical profession. Exactly why you might have two migraine auras in a row is not clear.

However, it is clear that some medicines can help prevent auras and headaches. And many brilliant minds are at work continually working on coming up with a long-term cure. After all, it is in the best interests of humanity and there’d probably be a Nobel Prize in it for the person or people who come up with a solution!

Image Credit: Loethlin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons