Finding Parrots For Sale In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great place to have a parrot. These entertaining and communicative birds love the warm, dry climate even more than humans.

Personally, I like all kinds of birds. But parrots seem especially attractive to me because of their colors and character. I’ve yet to purchase one because of my itinerant lifestyle. Still, if I settled down and had a spacious place to live, I would certainly consider it.

Parrots also seem to have personalities like humans. After all, talking parrots for sale in California are a big thing even if they repeat the same thing over and over.

The whole idea with pet birds and pets of all kinds
is to make life more enjoyable by developing
a cross-species friendship.
It's all about opening your heart.

Some are friendly. Some are grouchy. The good news is that they will regard you as the boss since you are the one feeding them. So if they get in a bad mood, they aren’t likely to take it out on you. Just give them a little treat, and you’re all good.

Fortunately, it is easy to find parrots for sale in Los Angeles. So let’s look at a few ways you can purchase them, including breeders and private sales.

Buying Baby Parrots and Adult Parrots Online

It is certainly possible to get both adult and baby parrots online. They can be shipped like many other animals. The receiver needs to be prompt in meeting the bird or birds when they arrive at the airport.

If shipping from the online seller is done via a courier, it is important to be around when the delivery arrives. Therefore, some planning with the courier may be necessary.

A quick search shows that will ship to the US, Canada, and other countries.

A special crate will be necessary, and there is a lot of red tape to be navigated with border agencies and Fish and Wildlife.

Find Parrots For Sale Near You/ Locally – Two Examples

As mentioned before ,California, in general, and Los Angeles, in particular, is a great place for parrots. The climate is suitable for parrots! Here are a couple of breeders in the L.A. area from whom you can buy if you live nearby.

Parrots Naturally

Parrots Naturally is located just outside of L.A. at 22140 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills 91364. They’ve been around for years and offer more than just parrots for sale. They also do…

  • grooming (did you know parrots should be groomed every three or four months?)
  • boarding (especially if you bought your bird from them)
  • consultations (they’ve been parrot people for years, and you can draw on their wealth of knowledge — for a price)
  • sell parrot-focused products and backyard bird things such as feeders

They are the public, retail face of Live Oak Aviaries where they breed many varieties, including African Greys.

805 Birds

Not too far from L.A., in Oxnard, is Hookbills for Sale
As the website address implies, they sell hookbilled parrots (basically all parrots!). Different breeders supply them. You can submit your birds for sale to their website.

Since you can see all the prices, there is no guess-work about the cost of the birds on offer. However, many, if not most of the parrots are located outside of California, so you will be dealing with shipping. Below is a sample photo of a listing.

“Used” 🤤 Parrots For Sale By Individuals

Another possible way of getting a parrot in L.A. is finding parrots for sale by individual owners.

An advantage of this method is that you will probably be able to find one in your locale. It is always convenient to be able to have sources nearby. It is also easier to check out the bird before you buy and possibly get a good deal — after all, it is a so-called “used” item!

On the other hand you might run into birds who have been neglected or are pretty old and might not have many years left in them.

Other Exotic Birds for Sale In Los Angeles

Often the first thing people think of when considering acquiring a pet bird is “parrot”. However, many of the birds that we don’t name parrots are actually parrots!

Consider parakeets or budgies, they are a parrot. Cockatoos? Parrot. Lovebirds? Parrot.

Exotic (or not so exotic) birds that aren’t parrots easily available for purchase in L.A. are finches, doves, and canaries. These three types have the added advantage of being less expensive and easier to maintain.

If you don’t want to pay the high prices that are sometimes demanded for exotic birds you could just set up a bird feeder in your backyard, and enjoy their company from a distance. It’s much less hassle!

Even the occasional person experiencing homelessness can be seen with a pet bird on his or her shoulder, so you can have one too if you really want.


There are birds for almost every budget in L.A. Parrots for sale are usually expensive unless you go for a smaller variety like a parakeet.

There are also multiple ways to purchase them: online, from local dealers, or through classifieds like craigslist. Even word-of-mouth can work. Try contacting folks in your social media tribe.

The whole idea with pet birds and pets of all kinds is to make life more enjoyable by developing a cross-species friendship. It’s all about opening your heart.

Photo by Roi Dimor on Unsplash